• MISSIONOur Mission

    Courage to Dream

    Name of the company “C2D” stands for “Courage to Dream” to show our commitment to support companies make dreams come true.

    It is not easy for companies to adopt changes under this drastically changing business environment. As a startup company ourselves, we believe that our mission is to provide support that goes beyond consulting.

  • VALUEWhat We Provide

    VALUE 私たちにできること
    VALUE 私たちにできること

    In order to implement strategic growth plan, not an organic extension, multifaceted skills are required that are not confined to a specific field.

    Our strength lies in our broad consulting experience in strategy, marketing, IT, accounting, and business processes, as well as in our external network. Our ability to solve problems is highly valued by many domestic enterprises.

    Many of our clients are enterprises with histories, and we are often asked to help them launch new businesses developing their own human resources along the way. We believe that this is one the cases which we can best demonstrate our strengths.

  • CHALLENGENew Business Initiatives

    CHALLENGE 新規事業への取り組み
    CHALLENGE 新規事業への取り組み

    We would like to be the company which constantly takes on challenge.

    We are developing a company search SaaS “Bizcchi”. Our goal to create an information platform to accelerate innovation.

    We are also organizing and work-from-home team of housewives for data validation.

    We embrace our experience and insights which are acquired from these challenges we have taken to our consulting service for the effective support.